R.E.M.'s Mike Mills Seen With Dan Armstrong… See-Through Bass That Is

Imagine Ampegleg Pete’s happy joy when he learned that one of his favorite bands of all-time was releasing an early-years best-of with lots of rare and unreleased tunage. Now, imagine my happy happy joy joy to see R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills pictured playing an Ampeg Dan Armstrong bass on the cover of said CD… and the DVD!
Yup, ol’ Mikey’s pictured in a vintage shot of the band JUMPING INTO THE AIR with a vintage DA bass. The photo, shot by Terry Allen, appears on the front of both And I Feel Fine: The Best of the IRS Years CD (which comes in both a 1-disc and deluxe 2-disc version; wonder which one I got?!) and When The Light Is Mine: The Best of the IRS Years Video Collection DVD. Both the CD and DVD collect some great tunes (and videos) of R.E.M.’s early days, back when they were no doubt touring out of the back of a van and living the kind of life I only dreamed about as a kid watching the Monkees on TV. I mean, these guys used to live and rehearse in an abandoned Athens, GA church, fer cryin’ out loud! Sure, it’s unlikely they had go-karts that they drove around the church (wouldn’t want to put nice big dents in the pews), but hey… why rain on a rock ‘n’ roll kid’s parade? Let me have my dreams! And thanks to Mike Mills for using the old Dan Armstrong bass. The guy had great taste in basses right from the get-go!


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