Bang! Bang! Rock 'n' Roll with Art Brut!

If you haven’t yet checked out Britain’s Art Brut, you should… Especially if you’re into punchy poppy punk rock ‘n’ roll with a sense of humor. Yours truly has been tuned into the band since I heard ’em on Jonesy’s Jukebox in L.A. Funny lyrics about starting a band, about not wanting to hear another Velvet Underground clone band, about not being able to get it up and hoping your girlfriend will understand… You get the idea.
Well anyway, Art Brut’s album’s finally out here in the USA and the band’s been touring with We Are Scientists in support. The lovely lass sportin’ the Rickie bass is Freddy Feedback, and she’s one of the most unassuming bassists I’ve ever seen. She’s pretty quiet, and a little modest–when lead singer Eddie Argos introduces her onstage she blushes… Man, there’s something about a woman bassplayer! Anyhow, Freddy’s supported by her trusty SVT-810AV and various SVT heads, giving her a solid rock ‘n’ roll sound. The band play the kind of new wavey punk rock that benefits from Ampeg’s killer tone, witnessed by live renditions of “Formed A Band,” “Good Weekend,” and “Moving to L.A.” Here’s to hoping next time I’ll get to meet Freddy in person and talk to her more about her rig. Bass rig, that is! Smart guy…


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