New York Dolls Spell It "A-M-P-E-G"

Little Steven’s latest Underground Garage tour just pulled through town and your humble (pie) rock ‘n’ roll servant was treated to a band he thought he’d never ever get to see: The New York Dolls! Yes indeedy-do, my wish came true. There before me on the stage of El Corazon in Seattle were David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain, and the rest of the guys who are now the Dolls. I can now die content that I have witnessed “Personality Crisis,” “Trash” and “Jet Boy” performed in front of my googly eyeballs by the actual girls who originally gave them life!
By now you’re probably wondering…. what does this have to do with Ampeg? Well, bassist Sami Yaffa (unfortunately not pictured above) stood in front of not one but two SVT stacks that night and for the entire tour. He had SVT-CL heads and SVT-810E cabs behind him, no doubt the way original bassist Arthur Kane would’ve wanted ’em. And the Dolls weren’t the only ones using Ampeg that night, since we were the backline bass rig for all of the bands onstage on that tour, including Supersuckers, the Chesterfield Kings and the Charms. Suffice to say the low end was absolutely marvelous all night, all tour long.


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