Ampeg Dominates the Las Vegas Guitar Center’s New Bass Room

Guitar Center Las Vegas just recently moved from it’s Tropicana Avenue location where it’s been for the last 5 years to a brand new, fresh location right down on the Las Vegas Strip. And Ampeg was there to greet them with a brand spankin’ newly renovated bass room.


On November 15th 2007, Guitar Center opened its doors to its brand new location on the Las Vegas Strip. After so many years at its original location on Tropicana, it needed a new location, so where else in the world but the famous Strip could a new Guitar Center go?

Ampeg was there to welcome customers and employees alike with an awesome new look for their bass room.  Hey, when we do things, we do them big! And this is no exception.

From the entrance way…….

To all the SVTs in the bass room itself…….

LVBassRoom1.JPGAs with just about every public event, Ampeg’s very own Dino Monoxelos was there to answer questions from customers, GC sales associates and just about anyone that had any questions Ampeg related.

Keep an eye open for more and more of these great bass rooms coming to a city near you!


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