Good Morning… NAMM!

trujillo-namm08.jpgYour bass-loving pals at Ampeg attended the 2008 NAMM show in Anaheim last week. We brought a bunch of new products which you’re already seeing on the website (, and we had numerous Ampeg players stop by to sign autographs and hang out. Let’s hope I don’t leave anyone out (in roughly alphabetical order): Anna K. of Opiate For The Masses, Michael Anthony, Emma Anzai of Australian band Sick Puppies, Chris Beattie of Hatebreed, Hunter Burgan of AFI, Maya Ford of The Donnas (plus the other three Donnas!), Jesse Hughes (and his son) of Eagles Of Death Metal, Mike Inez of Alice In Chains, Dave LaRue of Dixie Dregs, Tony Levin, Nikki Monninger of Silversun Pickups, Michael Rhodes, Billy Sheehan, T.M. Stevens, and Paul Wilson of Snow Patrol. And that’s just the people who were scheduled to show up. Look for more photos and videos here any day now… At right, Robert Trujillo of Metallica with our new Ampeg SVT Micro Stack–a 150-watt tone midget with 2×10″ cabinet featuring Eminence speakers and our infinite baffle design.

beattie-donnas-namm08.jpgHaving all these artists stop by to show their love and support of
Ampeg reminded us of who makes Ampeg what it is: you, the players. So,
coming in 2008, look for an improved website interface AND LOTS MORE
ARTIST STUFF. It’s now been published here, so you can hold us to it. At left, Chris Beattie of Hatebreed and Maya Ford of The Donnas sporting other bands’ t-shirts (dig the Winger, Maya!) at the Ampeg signing area. Note the Blackheart Soda by Jones sitting in front of them….


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