Mars Volta Debuts at #3 with The Bedlam in Goliath

juan_mvolta.jpgIn its first week on the chart, The Mars Volta’s new CD The Bedlam in Goliath debuted at number three in the US. As you probably know, bassist Juan Alderete is an Ampeg player. He’s been playing dual SVT rigs for years (SVT-VR heads and SVT-810AV cabs), not just with TMV but with speed metal band Racer X (which included guitarist Paul Gilbert) and The Scream.

You may have seen Juan recently in an Ampeg ad called “Bedlam In Goliath?” which ran in Bass Player here in the States, where he was also featured in an interesting article. In person, Juan’s a great guy. He digs punk rock and hard rock, and he’s just a music fan in general and quite a genial dude.


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