We've Released The Hounds on Radiohead…

colin-n-charlie.jpgNot on the whole band, I guess, but at least on COLIN GREENWOOD, Radiohead‘s esteemed bass player and a big fan of Ampeg. And actually there’s only the one hound, Charlie The Bloodhound, but what a handsome hound he is! Colin liked him so much when he visited our Ampeg Amp Shack in St. Louis, MO that he insisted we take pictures.

Radiohead was in town on their US tour, supporting both their In Rainbows release, as well as their new The Best Of Radiohead compilation, which comes as a digital download, CD and a 4-LP record box set (!). [I gotta tell ya, the vinyl box set is THE BOMB! – ed.]

Well, we wish Colin the best of luck and continued success in Radiohead. And Charlie, here’s to your new modeling career!


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