Raising-Sand.jpgThe 51st Annual Grammy Awards took place on February 8, 2009 and there was no denying the force that is Plant/Krauss, whose album, Raising Sand, took in five awards during the celebration. The songwriting and vocal performances on the album are stunning, but we want to talk a bit about the low end. We are Ampeg, after all

The man behind the bass on this award-garnering project is none other than Dennis Crouch. Crouch normally spends his time sessioning in Nashville and playing with the Time Jumpers. His influence on the album is undeniable.

Dennis-Crouch-01.jpgWhen Crouch learned that the group would be performing at this year’s Grammy awards, he contacted Ampeg to discuss amplification options. We immediately thought of the Micro-VR stack (Micro-VR head and SVT-210AV cab). Dennis auditioned the rig and agreed to use it during the performance.

“[The Micro-VR stack] Reproduces the natural tone of my upright bass perfectly, I love lots of bottom end and this little rig has more than I can use, add in the weight and size, it can’t be beat,” remarked Crouch.


Only the size of the rig is diminutive. It delivers true Ampeg tone in a rig that is extremely portable. It’s perfect for bleed-sensitive recordings and can easily rock any size stage if a PA is in place. Ampeg is very proud to have played a part in this legendary performance and hope that it makes its way into Crouch’s other musical endeavors. 

“I really am digging this amp,” concludes Crouch.

We couldn’t agree more.


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