Mr. Big Reunites…Rocks the Budokan

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Finally confirming the rumors that have been circulating the
internet for weeks, all four original members of the popular 90’s rock
supergroup, Mr. Big, are taking the stage together for the first time in 13
years for a reunion tour of Japan.


The announcement, made by the band before a press-packed
Hard Rock Café in Tokyo this week, brings back promises that the Japanese run
will recapture the magic of the original chart-busting foursome:
vocalist/frontman Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, guitar, Ampeg endorsed bassist
Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey on drums. The tour takes off in Sapporo on June 5
and culminates June 20 in Tokyo with a feature concert at Budokan — the famous
Japanese venue known for its rich history of legendary performances by rock’s
elite. The band will record a live CD/DVD during the Budokan show that will
also mark the band’s 20 year anniversary.

Here’s the where and when:

June 5 – Koseinenkin Kaikan – Sapporo, Japan

June 7 – Zepp – Sendai, Japan

June 9 – Kanazawa Koseinenkin – Kanazawa, Japan

June 10 – Zepp – Nagoya, Japan

June 12 – Zepp – Fukuoka, Japan

June 15 – Grand Cube – Osaka, Japan

June 17 – Yubin Chokin Hall – Hiroshima, Japan

June 18 – Koseinenkin Kaikan – Osaka, Japan

June 20 – Budokan – Tokyo, Japan


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Form in 1988, Mr. Big forged its place in hard rock history,
combining trademark “shredding” musicianship with awesome vocal harmonies. The
1989 self-titled album, Mr. Big, received critical and commercial success in
the US and Japan, but it was the bands second album, Lean Into It, that
provided the major breakthrough. Lean Into It featured two ballads that established
the band as a commercial success. “To Be With You” and “Just Take My Heart”
propelled the band to huge international success and record sales in the


Gilbert left the band in 1996 to pursue a solo career and
the original members had not shard a stage together until late 2008 at Gilbert
solo show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Paul was joined onstage by
Sheehan and Torpey to perform a couple of cover songs and the three had such a
good time together, they contact Martin a few days later and the reunion was
put into motion.


While no concert dates beyond Japan have been announced as
yet, the band is looking at possible dates in Southeast Asia and America later
in the year.



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