Ampeg Shows Off to 2009 CHBP Artists


The 2009 Capitol Hill Block Party takes over Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood July 24-25. The Block Party is an annual music festival that draws upon and showcases the best indie and underground rock in the US, with a special focus on its Northwest artists. Launched 12 years ago, the Block Party has evolved into Seattle’s most anticipated outdoor party. With over 40 bands on 3 stages, great food, and plenty of cheap beer, this is by far the best block party ever. Anywhere.

“This ain’t no burnt-wiener-and-potato-salad kind of block party. No, this one is more like a sweaty, boozy, scaled-down version of Sasquatch, only during the dog days of summer and right in our own backyard…. The Block Party has grown from an endearing street fair to a monster takeover of the now hotter than ever corridor of Pike between 12th Ave all the way down to Broadway.” Seattle Weekly

Partial proceeds from The Block Party benefit two excellent non-profits: Home Alive, which encourages violence prevention, and The Vera Project, a youth run all-ages venue and recording studio in Seattle.


This year, Ampeg will host a very cool demo area backstage, allowing all of the CHBP artists a chance to play around with the best bass gear available, including the new Micro-VR head and SVT-210AV cabinet…a real powerhouse in a very small package.

Ampeg’s partners-in-crime (Mackie, EAW and Blackheart) will also be there. The Main stage will feature a massive EAW rig and the Vera Stage will showcase Mackie’s new HD Series loudspeakers . The general partygoer can try out Blackheart’s impressive line of all-tube guitar amps while wandering around the neighborhood.

Connect up with Capitol Hill Block Party to learn more about:

  • Line-up
  • Ticket pricing
  • Dates, times, parking
  • Lots of other stuff

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