New Metal for The Mars Volta


The Mars
Volta are nothing if not complex. But complexity does not always mean
complicated. It all comes down to layering of sound and The Mars Volta have
mastered that. In January of 2008, Mars launched their album, The
Bedlam in Goliath
…their fourth full-length studio album. The first
released single was a tune called “Wax
The song was previously played live by the band under the name
“Idle Tooth” and was always a crowd favorite.

A crowd
favorite…yes. But what would the fine people of the National Academy of
Recording Arts & Sciences think? Well, we all found out during the live
telecast of the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, when The Mars Volta beat
out such heavyweights as Judas Priest and Rob Zombie, taking away the award for
Best Hard Rock Performance.

Mars bassist,
Juan Alderete, was kind enough to thank Ampeg for our contribution to his sound
and sent us this snapshot of their award.

Ampeg would
like to congratulate Juan and, of course, the rest of the lads from The Mars
Volta for their achievement. Now go buy their album already.


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