A Jeep, a Pole and an Ampeg

Da-Jeep.jpgA couple of days ago, we were contacted by an Ampeg fan via MySpace. We talk to a lot of fans, but this story was too amazing not to share. No need to paraphrase…here you go:


I just wanted to share a story and a compliment for Ampeg quality and

Back in 2001 I purchased a used Ampeg B-2 combo bass amp/head. Since then I have
used it heavily, for everything from rock shows and tours, to outdoor weddings.
This thing has been a beast (in a good way). I broke the power switch early on
and replaced it with an industrial switch, no problems there. The caster wheel
socket stripped out a few years back, but the side handles have made moving it
a breeze still. And the most important part has been, of course, the sound

B-2.jpgThis is all fine and dandy, and I’ve never had any problems with it at all,
but two weeks ago something happened that totally blew me away. I
loaned my Jeep to a friend the day after a show with the B-2 still in the trunk.
This friend managed to lose control on wet roads and smack head on into a power
pole going approximately 50+ mph. Thankfully no one was seriously
injured. When I went to the junkyard to get my personal items from the totaled
Jeep, I opened the trunk expecting the B-2 to be destroyed. But there it was,
still in one piece. It had slammed into the rear seats breaking them off their
metal attachment points. The rear support bar that runs vertically up the seat
back, which normally looks like .. , was bent and looked like > from the
impact. The rear side window was also blasted out from where the amp flew up
and hit it on the recoil. I took the amp out and loaded it up in the rental car
and drove home feeling glum that my Ampeg workhorse was, although still in
one piece, likely pretty banged up on the inside.

But wouldn’t you know it, I got that B-2 home, plugged her in, and wham bam
she’s good to go! Not a single problem at all! I’ve already played another show
with it and have a recording session scheduled this weekend.

BA300-115.gifAnyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Ampeg for creating the best
quality cabs and amps in the business. I’ve been an Ampeg man for years now and
will be for years to come.

Keep up the good work.

Playground Etiquette – Maryland

Wow. We were certainly impressed. Yes, Ampeg amps are built tough but, man, that is out of control. Unfortunately, the B-2 was long ago discontinued. But if you are looking for similar wattage with a single 15, look no further than the BA300/115.

Got an Ampeg story of your own? Share it with us…


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