Three Nights of Ampeg Artists on Conan

Ampeg Artists play all over this great blue sphere. Some of them make their way onto popular television programs such as The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Each time we see an Ampeg Artist doing their thing on national television, we feel well….a little proud. So, we nearly burst with pride when The Tonight Show featured Ampeg Artistsfor three nights in a row. Check ’em all out and see if you can spot the Ampeg.

The Swell Season – bass player Joe Doyle using the Micro-VR head with two
SVT-210AV cabs 

Alice In Chains – Rockin’ Mike’s scaled down rig…only two custom
SVT-18’s and one SVT-810E

Tegan and Sara – bass player Shaun Hubert playing his new SVT-CL and


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