Tony Levin and Stick Men Rock NAMM with the Micro-VR

One of the highlights of the 2010 Winter NAMM show was undoubtedly the performances of Tony Levin with the Stick Men in Ampeg’s demo room. Two separate performances, each unique in both vibe and flow, packed the house with fans from all walks of life. As an Ampeg endorser, Tony Levin is no stranger to the full line of Ampeg gear. When he approached us about his Ampeg rig for the Stick Men project, we were surprised to hear that he wanted to play a Micro-VR stack.


Well, maybe surprised isn’t the best word. After all, we know that the Micro-VR and companion SVT-210AV stack can deliver the goods, it’s just that big names like Tony Levin generally prefer to showcase at least one full Ampeg SVT rig. But, we knew that the Micro was awesome, so we hooked Tony (and his Chapman Stick partner-in-crime, Michael Bernier) up with a full Micro rig and the rest is bass history.
Both Tony and Michael play a Chapman stick. Seriously, check it out. This gives them both the ability to play a ridiculously full-range of notes, from growling bass to shredding highs. They switch roles countless times for the performance and both choose to use a Blackheart rig to complement the lows provided by the Micro.
Be sure to watch the video below (via Mark Dalzell from Vimeo) to get a feel for what the Stick Men are all about, then follow up on their MySpace page. And, of course, if you dig the tone, check out the Micro-VR and companion SVT-210AV. You can rock it in your living room, but it’s loud enough to get above the drums in a rehearsal setting. Then, if you are playing a smaller room or a place with a PA, you can be sure that your Micro will stand up.

  1. Comment by Ryo November 11, 2015 @ 4:45 pm

    DUDE kudos and congrats! LOVE outoodr shows! Usually a fun energy and just totally different since like 80% of my playing is in a sanctuary!Plus anytime you can say the cops showed up you know you’re playing ROCK AND ROLL!!! HAHAHA. That’s a mad awesome set too dude! I mean for covers it’s not typical covers y’all picked some great tunes! I mean some of those songs took some stones to even attempt to pull them off! Haha man I keep catching another song saying to myself I wanna play that song one day!


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