Artist Spotlight – Joe Lester of Intronaut

Intronaut.jpgWe recently caught up with Ampeg endorser, Joe Lester. He plays with the experimental hardcore band, Intronaut. They are currently on a North American touring, supporting prog rock legends, Cynic.


Joe is a seasoned bassist known for his innovative chord progressions and crushing riffage. It is safe to say that he takes full advatage of his instruments tonal capabilities and knows how to select the right rig for the job. So when he got a chance to play Ampeg’s new SVT-8PRO along with the new PRO NEO Series PN-410HLF and PN-115HLF, we took his opinion seriously. Here’s what he had to say:


“I’m loving the sound of this new SVT-8PRO; it’s got the power that I need to play with Intronaut while still giving me the crystal clear sonics and accurate reproduction of tone I deman. I want my bass to sound like itself, not overly colored by electronics and it sings loud and clear through this rig. And the PRO NEO cabs are awesome! They’re loud as hell and super rugged but shockingly light…my guitarists are green with envy”


While we were at the show (at the Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, OR) we recorded a couple of tracks on video. The first (Elegy) is an unreleased track from their upcoming album, “Valley of Smoke”, due out in October of this year. The second tune (The Literal Black Cloud) features some really sweet chord progressions that any bass player should appreciate.


So, check out the videos below or click on the following links to learn more:


Intronaut on MySpace (tunes and tour dates)

Ampeg SVT-8PRO

Ampeg PRO NEO Series





 **photo credit: Travis Shinn (**


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