My B-15 Story – Eva Gardner of P!NK

Eva is a bad ass bassist. She’s played with The Mars Volta,  Veruca Salt and now she plays with P!NK. Eva has pretty much always played bass. Her father, Kim Gardner was a professional bassist, having played in groups like The Creation and The Birds. Eva has a personal connection with the Ampeg B-15 and wanted to share her story.

Eva_Heritage B-15_01


Eva Gardner’s B-15 Story

I was a little girl when I was first exposed to the Ampeg Portaflex….My dad who was a bassist had one in his studio as I was growing up.  That blue glow on the face of the amp is one of my earliest childhood memories…and I remember thinking how cool it was that the top flipped over and you could latch it up into a nice neat package! But it wasn’t until I was about 11 years old that I really remember the Ampeg B-15 at work.  I was at one of usual family gatherings at “Uncle Andy” Johns’ house.   I was running around in the yard, when I remember hearing a rumble coming from Andy’s study.  He and my father were talking shop and Andy was showing Dad his vintage Ampeg B-15. It sounded like it was definitely turned up to eleven! It was shortly after that that I began to play bass and I wanted to explore that Ampeg B-15 on my own. Sure enough, I plugged in a bass and was ready to rock ‘n’ roll. With the Heritage B-15, I feel like I’m that kid again, discovering the world of bass all over again…it has that nice warm tone true to the vintage Portaflex. Plus I love that you can choose between the ’64 and ’66 bias, allowing for additional tone options.  The fact that the Heritage B-15 is hand-built and hand-wired is another feature that shows that this amp is rock-solid. I’m confident that this amp will be in my family for years to come.

Eva_Heritage B-15_02


I know there’s a lot more of you out there with your own B-15 story. Email it to us at if you’d like to share.


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