Pablo Stennett: Holiday Wishlist

Ampeg Artist Pablo Stennett

Pablo Stennett

As Ziggy Marley’s long-time bassist, Pablo Stennett was on the road in 2017 from April-July (U.S.), followed by a trip to the UK in August.  September saw the release of Ziggy’s We Are the People Tour live album, filled with positive lyrics about peace and love, good reggae vibes and Pablo’s deep bass-playing groove. They even covered a few tracks from Ziggy’s late father, the one-and-only Bob Marley!

In the producer’s chair, Pablo finished recording an album with Reviva Band featuring Chris Brennan. The album was created to be inclusive of everyone and speaks to some of the major challenges our global society faces. Along with upbeat tempos and creative lyrics, Reviva Band’s Equanimity album contains messages that the world needs now more than ever. Pablo stated that he is “…excited about the upcoming release in 2018! I’m proud of my son Brandon Stennett whose drum grooves are solid throughout the album and Dino “The Ampeg Guy” Monoxelos basslines can be heard on the track It All Runs Down. I’m very proud of this album and excited to share it with all of you soon!”

Not one to rest on his laurels, Pablo said he is “…elated to partner again with Puma as one of their brand ambassadors.” He also recently completed a documentary with Sony PlayStation about the life of Elias Figueroa, known as the greatest defensive soccer player of all-time.

Lastly, Pablo just wrapped up recording a new album with Ziggy that will be released in 2018, with touring to follow in North and South America and Europe.

So what’s on Pablo’s Holiday Wishlist?

1. I would love it if Ampeg released an independent tone selector unit.

2. 1970 Fender Jazz bass in Sunburst.

3. An all-expenses paid vacation to the Caribbean for 30 Days!

Best of wishes in 2018, Pablo!


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