Imagine the Giant to Release Defining Debut Record

Imagine the Giant - Album ArtImagine the Giant is releasing their debut record this summer at the Tractor Tavern on July 19th with Tommy Simmons and The Good Hurt in Seattle, WA. The band was fortunate to work with Randall Dunn who produced for the Cave Singers, Akron/Family, Sunn o))) and most recently for Rose Windows’ debut record, which is getting great reviews.

The band claims their debut EP to be “defining work” and a clear addition to the rich Seattle music scene. It is the accumulation of four people traveling, writing, playing and becoming friends over the course of a full year; truly making them a band, not simply a group of players sitting in the same room.

Imagine the Giant - Studio PicsThe record starts with the indie soul friendly song of “Sail Away” leading to the exceptionally sweet ballad of “I’ll Be That,” to the dark and moody trio of “Playground,” “Good Thing” and “Don’t Know.” The tracks are all based on ideas stemming from rock, both new and old, blues and the deep grooves of gritty soul. With the addition of their voice, Musicbox, who laid her honest self all over these tracks, they truly are creating their brand of rock and soul. The sounds mixed with their energy pulls on your curiosity, the songs demand your attention.

Imagine the Giant will be self-releasing to all digital mediums, as well as, a limited run of 12″ vinyl. They will be supporting the record with NW touring this summer and West Coast touring this fall.

In the studio, Imagine the Giant used a vintage Ampeg SVT stack and B-15 for bass. Guitarist and Ampeg employee, Larson Haakenstad, incorporated the Ampeg Heritage R-12R Reverberocket into his rig. 


  1. Comment by Damian November 11, 2015 @ 4:59 pm

    Hi Juan,huge fan and fellow bissast here. I am greatly inspired from the stuff you do and your site is just awesome plus the timing is awesome since I broke into the studio world this year and I try to suck every piece of info like a sponge. This video made me curious; how do you record effects in the studio??? Is it too much of a secret process ? Will it be something that will be featured in following videos??? Oh, and one last thing what is your opinion on solid state amps?Cheers,E.J.


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