Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Bassist

It’s not very often that four of the world’s coolest bass players show up in one place, but they did last week in Hollywood. Ampeg spent an entire day in one of the soundstages at SIR (thanks guys!) photographing four of our endorsers for use in our celebrated black and white campaign, which you’ve no doubt seen everywhere from our own website to the back cover of Bass Player and in other bass magazines around the world.

The day started off with Mark Hoppus from Blink-182, who sported his signature pink bass and some natty threads in front of an SVT stack. Mark says the band’s about to start writing their next CD, the followup to a few years’ worth of side projects. Second man up was a guy most of us would want to meet, none other than Robert Trujillo of Metallica. His tech brought along a whole slew of props, including a bitchin’ Precision Bass with racing stripe, a tiki totem pole, and RT’s favorite surfboard. Robert was in town, coincidentally, doing some recording with one of his favorite bands…

juan-28_sm.jpgThird up, and not on the original itinerary, was Snow Patrol‘s Paul Wilson, who’s recently relocated from Glasgow, Scotland to L.A. during the band’s first downtime in five years. Paul proved to be a little nervous at first, but being a Scot, once we started cracking some jokes, he loosened up considerably. Too bad there was no scotch around.

Finally, capping a highly successful day of shooting and highly stressful day of moving heavy SVT stacks to and fro, Juan Alderete of The Mars Volta got up on the white seamless with not one but two SVT stacks. That’s what you see him with on stage, so that’s what he wanted to be photographed with. And since he doesn’t do his own cartage, guess who got to move those stacks onto the set.

Now, we’re not sure exactly when you’ll be seeing the full-on finished product from this photo shoot, which was shot by the supremely sweet Sandrine Lee (who has shot the bulk of the photos in the campaign, including one of Will Lee used in a recent ad), but keep your eyes on



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