1. Ampeg Delivers the Thunder for Phil Soussan

    Hollywood, CA—March 2018… Although best known as bassist with such rockers as Ozzy Osbourne, Vince Neil, Billy Idol, John Waite, Johnny Halladay, and Steve Lukather, Phil Soussan’s career spans a much wider arc. With major credits as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, … more »

  2. Ampeg Artist Interview – Jeff Pilson

    We sat and had a chat with Ampeg artist Jeff Pilson (Foreigner / Dokken / Dio) to catch up on what he is up to these days. more »

  3. Up to $100 Savings on Portaflex Amps and Cabs

    Get up to $100 savings via mail-in rebate on all Ampeg Portaflex bass heads and enclosures more »

  4. Ampeg Artist Interview – Rex Brown and Mike Inez

    Rock legends Rex Brown and Mike Inez sat down for a chat with us at the NAMM Show 2018 more »

  5. Ampeg Artist Clinic and Interview – Darryl Jones

    Darryl Jones stops by the Ampeg booth at NAMM 2018 more »

  6. Two All-New Ampeg Stompboxes

    Ampeg today announces the release of the all-new Liquifier Analog Chorus and Opto Comp Compressor pedals. more »

  7. Ampeg at The NAMM Show 2018

    This year at The NAMM Show 2018, we have quite a bit of great things for Ampeg fans everywhere more »

  8. Ampeg Amps Make Life Easy for Bassist Sean McNabb

    TV and film actor, show host, writer, singer, composer, and bass player-Sean McNabb stays busy. He does a lot of charitable work and is a family man to boot. But McNabb is best known for his bass work with such … more »

  9. Rex Brown Delivers the Bottom Line with Ampeg

    When most rock fans think of hard-rocking bass player Rex Brown, they undoubtedly think first of his more than 20 years with groove/thrash metal pioneers Pantera. Multiple Grammy nominations and platinum-selling records will do that. Post-Pantera, however, Brown has kept … more »

  10. Dino Monoxelos: Holiday Wishlist

    As Ampeg’s Senior Product Specialist, Clinician and Artist Relations Manager, Dino Monoxelos is known more affectionately as “The Ampeg Guy”. For a guy that wears so many hats, we’ve never actually seen him wear a hat… oh, the irony! Dino … more »

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