New Ampeg Endorser Signed: "Slo" Maggard of Unearth

hitting melodic metal-core bassist John “Slo” Maggard of the band Unearth has
just ordered up two SVT-810E’s, a SVT-2PRO and a SVT-4PRO to support him on what
will no doubtedly be the biggest non-festival metal tour this year!!

The tour
is a co-headlined by thrash metal pioneers TestAmenT!!! Over 40 North American
are currently scheduled and most of them are expected to sell out.

asked why he chose Ampeg Slo replied, After becoming so familiar with Ampeg products from tours abroad and from recent studio sessions, it makes
all the sense in the world that I finally become part of the Ampeg
family.  I am very excited to be part of the best-sounding and most
versatile bass family in the world.  A special thank you goes out
to both the makers and players alike for welcoming me aboard. Cheers!”

We are excited to have Slo on board and look forward to their summer tour.


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