For Your Consideration – Ampeg J-20 Guitar Combo

Pro Guitar Shop has been posting some killer pedal demos on YouTube for the past couple of years. Their no-nonsense approach to gear reviews has garnered a tremendous amount of respect from both the pro audio and guitar playing communities. But they also review all kinds of other guitar-related gear, including a recent review for the Ampeg J-20 Guitar Combo

So, without further ado…Pro Guitar Shops review of the Ampeg J-20. Enjoy:
  1. Comment by Jolanta November 11, 2015 @ 5:29 pm

    Sorry for this very late reply. An Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a real Les Paul made by Epiphone that feuatres neary all the Gibson feuatres. The Epiphone les paul 100 is a cheap les-paul style copy guitar that feuatres barely any of the actualy Les Paul feuatres at all.


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