Give the Kid a Bass and an Amp. Then…Stand Back


William K. Santana is 12 years old. He lives in Chico, CA with his mother, father and little sister. Oh yeah, he also owns it when he plays bass. We caught up with William during the 2009 NAMM show when he plugged into our SVT-VR and rocked the house. All we could say was “wow.”


William started playing bass at age nine, joining his first band, “Children with Chainsaws.” Now, William plays with “X-Factor,” and they are playing around California. His background in Jazz gives him a breadth of style that will certainly benefit him throughout his playing career.
He sent us this video, showing off his skills and his new Ampeg BA300/115 combo amp
Thanks for stopping by to see us at NAMM and good luck in the future…not that you need it…just keep playing!


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