Bad Religion's Jay Bentley Close to the Edge

Jay-Bentley-at-Warped-2009.jpgWarped Tour is well…warped. This years stops included the very awesome Gorge Amphitheater. Set against a stunning back drop of desert plateaus and the mighty Columbia river, any show at the Gorge is as much eye-candy as it is ear-candy. The Ampeg team headed out to the show to support the many Warped artists that endorse Ampeg gear. There were seven stages, and six of them either featured Ampeg bass rigs for backline or the bands just simply brought there own. There is no denying that many (the majority?) of professional bass players use Ampeg gear.

One of those bassists is Jay Bentley of Bad Religion. The Ampeg team met him backstage and hand-delivered an all-new Micro-VR stack. Jay was more than excited…as you can see. He set the Micro as close to the cliff edge as possible, jumped up and posed for the camera. Jay said he would gladly use the Micro to warm up for the show back stage and plans to record Bad Religion’s next album with the Micro rig.

Check out their MySpace page to get the details on upcoming tour dates. “Livin’ on the Edge” now has a new meaning. Luckily, Jay did not emulate the master and managed to stay atop of the precipice.


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