Conrad Korsch & the Micro-VR Stack


Conrad Korsch is
a New York City based acoustic and electric bassist/multi-instrumentalist,
composer, producer, and educator. As bassist with Rod Stewart, Carly Simon,
Andrea Bocelli, Bette Midler, Clay Aiken, Deborah Gibson, the Broadway show
Swing!, the annual Jerry Lewis/MDA Telethon’s New York house band, and as a
substitute in the Saturday Night Live house band, Conrad has appeared on nearly
every broadcast TV show which features live music.


He recently just finished up a tour with Rod Stewart. Ampeg
caught up with Korsch, with a brand new Micro-VR stack
(Micro-VR head & SVT-210AV) in hand. We’ve been getting these out to a ton
of pro bassists these days, and Korsch’s reaction fell right in line. He loves
it, especially for double bass gigs. He might even use it in some upcoming
recordings for his solo project.


By the way, you should really check out his new album. It’s
called Live Love Leave. Sample some
tracks on Korsch’s MySpace page,
or just pick it up at CD Baby.


There you go. Another awesome bassist, another Micro-VR.


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