Bob Glaub: On the Road with the Ampeg

Bob Glaub has stood alongside some of the music industry’s most enduring legends. He’s played with everyone, from John Lennon to Dusty Springfield. Right now, Bob is providing the low end for the Crosby, Stills and Nash tour. Click here to check out their upcoming tour dates. On stage, Bob uses two SVT-VR heads with two SVT-410HLF cabinets that have been decked out to match his VRs.


bobwithmicro.jpgWe had the chance to meet up with Bob backstage and introduce him to the Ampeg Micro-VR stack (Micro-VR head and SVT-210AV cab)

He was all smiles. And who could blame him? The Micro-VR stack delivers 200 watts of pure Ampeg tone and is obviously portable.
Mr. Ampeg himself, Dino Monoxelos, recently posted a really great overview of the Micro-VR. You can hear for yourself how the direct out sounds vs. the mic’d cab. It is really a great demo, so be sure to check it out below.


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