Bass Gear Magazine Review – SCR-DI

SCR-DI_Angle_3qtr_LBass Gear Magazine has recently gotten their hands on the SCR-DI and it’s safe to say they are impressed.

“Pro players should take this pedal seriously. It’s a very good-sounding basic preamp circuit that sounds very “Ampeg” in pedal format. This box could be a go-to necessity for many pro bass players and a great Swiss army knife for amateurs and weekend warriors. I’m several dozen gigs into this pedal, and I’ve yet to find a situation where I don’t like it. I’ve used it as a stand-alone preamp on “in-ear, no-rig” gigs, and it kills. I’ve used it in the studio and it kills. I’ve used it on gigs where it was the primary preamp for a variety of electric basses and a very nice double bass, and it always gets a great sound.”

“Nothing is perfect, but like I said in the beginning, they aren’t getting this pedal back, even for photographs. It’s currently busy working and earning its keep”


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