Venture Series Cabs - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What is the Venture Series?
The Venture® Series is an entirely new product family from Ampeg! Venture amplifiers and cabinets deliver the modern style and features sought by contemporary bassists—continuing a tradition of innovation that stretches back to the dawn of the electric bass. Venture Series cabinets are available in the most popular configurations, enabling bassists to choose the right cab—or combination of cabs—for any gig. These stylish cabinets are ruggedly constructed and covered in carbon fiber-style Tolex, so they’ll hold up gig after gig, while at the same being some of the lightest bass enclosures currently available. Optional Portaflex®-style grille assemblies offer an aesthetic alternative. Venture cabs are loaded with lightweight custom Lavoce® neodymium woofers and high-frequency drivers. And you can protect your Venture cab with an optional heavy-duty padded cover.

Q2) How many Venture cabinets are there?
There are currently five: VB-112, VB-115, VB-210, VB-212, and VB-410 (all 8Ω)

Q3) What are their primary features?

  • Ultra-lightweight yet ruggedly constructed
  • Carbon fiber-style Tolex covering and modern Ampeg logo
  • Custom Lavoce neodymium woofers and high-frequency drivers
  • Variable high-frequency attenuator
  • Dual parallel Neutrik® speakON® / 1/4" combo inputs

Q4) How do these new cabs differ from the formerly available Ampeg Pro Neo cabs?
To begin with, there are five different configurations available rather than the three offered in the former Pro NeoTM line. Venture cabs are also 40-50% lighter than Pro Neo cabs, thanks to our totally new approach to construction and material selection, and you have a choice of either modern or (optional) Portaflex-style vintage aesthetics. Finally, Venture cabs are loaded with new Lavoce® neodymium woofers and high-frequency drivers. Sonically, we feel Venture cabs will set a new standard, much like Pro Neo cabs did back in the early 2000s.

Q5) Whoa, 40-50% lighter! What do each of the Venture cabs weigh?

  • VB-112: 26.5 lbs./12 kg
  • VB-210: 28 lbs./12.7 kg
  • VB-115: 34 lbs./15.4 kg
  • VB-212: 40 lbs./18.1 kg
  • VB-410: 42 lbs./19 kg

Q6) And tell me more about the optional vintage aesthetics?
Optional Portaflex-style grille assembly accessories are available for each Venture cab. They can easily be swapped out for the modern-style grilles that come with the cabs, and are available from the Ampeg Webshop:

Q7) Are these cabinets stackable?
Of course. All cabs fit perfectly on top of one another except the VB-212, which can be oriented horizontally to stack with another VB-212 or other Venture cabs.

Q8) Can any other Venture cabs can be oriented horizontally?
In addition to the VB-212, the VB-112 and VB-210 cabs also have additional feet that enable them to be positioned on their sides.

Q9) What are some of your favorite Venture cab pairings?
Well, this is all subjective, but we love the following pairings:

  • VB-210 on top of a VB-115
  • Dual VB-212s stacked horizontally
  • VB-410 on top of a VB-115
  • VB-112 on top of a VB-410

Q10) How do I clean that awesome-looking carbon fiber-style Tolex?
With a dry, lint-free cloth.

Q11) How does the L-Pad attenuator for the HF driver work?
There are three settings: -6dB, 0dB (no attenuation), and (driver) Off.

Q12) What connector types are compatible with the speaker inputs on Venture cabs?

All Venture cabs feature dual parallel locking Neutrik speakON / 1/4" combo inputs that support Neutrik NL2 and NL4 connectors, as well as standard ¼" connectors.

Q13) Can I use Venture cabinets with non-Venture heads?
Of course. Just be sure to check the impedance and power output settings of your amplifier before connecting. We have tested Venture cabs with various Ampeg and non-Ampeg heads.

Q14) Are there any accessories for Venture cabinets?
Yes. There are heavy-duty padded Venture cab covers, as well as the aforementioned Portaflex-style grille assemblies, all available from the Ampeg Webshop:

Q15) Can you show me the technical specs for each cab so I can nerd out?

FEATURE VB-112 VB-115 VB-210 VB-212 VB-410
Power Handling
250W 250W 300W 500W 600W
Peak Power 500W 500W 600W 1000W 1200W
Frequency Response
(-3dB range)
38Hz - 17.4Hz 30Hz - 17.4Hz 39Hz - 17.4Hz 39Hz - 17.4Hz 28Hz - 17.4Hz
LF drivers 1 x 12" 1 x 15" 2 x 10" 2 x 12" 4 x 10"
HF horn 80° conical
Sensitivity 99 dB 1W/m 99 dB 1W/m 98.5 dB 1W/m 101 dB 1W/m 99 dB 1W/m
Maximum SPL
(2 Meter distance)
124.2 dB 127.3 dB 124.3 dB 131.7 dB 131.5 dB
Inputs/Outputs Two NL2 speakON - 1/4" combination jacks
Orientation Vertical or
Vertical Vertical or
Vertical or
Size (HxWxD)
Not including rubber feet
15.0x22.8x17.3 in
381x578x439 mm
22.8x22.8x17.5 in
578x578x445 mm
16.1x22.8x17.3 in
410x578x439 mm
31.1x19.1x17.3 in
790x485x439 mm
25.7x22.8x17.5 in
654x578x445 mm
Weight 26.5 lbs
12 kg
34 lbs
15.4 kg
28 lbs
12.7 kg
40 lbs
18.1 kg
42 lbs
19 kg
All specifications subject to change.

Neutrik and speakON are registered trademarks of Neutrik AG Corporation.
Lavoce is a registered trademark of Lavoce Co., LTD Limited Company.