An Authentic Experience. A Unique Voice.

The Ampeg Heritage line focuses on the premium. So much more than the average reissue, we take legendary pieces of gear from Ampeg’s rich history and breathe new life into them. With unsurpassed craftsmanship, unwavering dedication to meticulous quality control and use of only the most premium components, the Heritage line exemplifies Ampeg’s commitment to quality and, of course, tone. After all, it may be Ampeg’s Heritage, but it’s your gear… and it has been since 1946.

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premium components
The all-new Heritage B-15N joins the other Heritage pieces, each designed to offer the full experience of walking out of the showroom with classic Ampeg gear from the past

strict quality control
To ensure an uncompromised level of quality, we source only the finest components when building a Heritage model

limited edition
A time-intensive and comprehensive build and testing process delivers premium performance and sound, but limits each Heritage run to ensure quality

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