Mark Menghi: Holiday Wishlist

Ampeg Artist Mark Menghi

Mark Menghi

Mark Menghi spent 2017 writing, arranging, recording, and producing the entirety of Metal Allegiance 2, including music and lyrics to all tracks. As previous Metal Allegiance releases, there are different singers on each song, so Mark spent a lot of time traveling, working with different singers from all over the world to make it all work.

2018 will see the release of Metal Allegiance 2, “followed by HEAVY world-wide touring…”

So what’s on Mark’s holiday wishlist?

1. This is a toss-up! The 1967 Ampeg B15 I used to record the new Metal Allegiance record! Possibly the greatest tone or the 2×15 (yes, a double 15”) bass cabinet SIR NYC has… that is my go-to cabinet anytime Metal Allegiance plays around the New York City area…

2. A vintage ‘61 all-black with chrome hardware pre-CBS Fender Jazz bass. They made a short run of these and I had the honor of playing one and it was amazing.

3. Opening Day Tickets for my beloved New York Yankees, 1st row right behind the Yankees on-deck circle – the seats former NYC Mayor Giuliani used to sit in – so I can heckle my beloved Yankees while holding up a sign for all to see that says “Dino Monoxelos wishes he experienced Yankee greatness”.

To those that don’t know, Dino “The Ampeg Guy” Monoxelos is Ampeg’s Senior Product Specialist, Clinician and AR… moreso, he’s an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox. Dino and Mark get into it every season!

Best of wishes in 2018, Mark!


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