Mike Bradford: Holiday Wishlist

Ampeg Artist Mike Bradford

Mike Bradford

Other than a few gigs here and there, Mike Bradford spent the majority of 2017 holed up in the studio. Here are a few projects he’s been working:

“I’ve been preparing a solo album based on the music of film composer Bernard Herrmann, featuring music from some of Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary films, in a mashup with original downtempo music a’la Massive Attack and Pink Floyd. This will culminate in a 2018 tour featuring me and an orchestra, with video projections and surround sound.

“I’ve also released a series of EDM remixes on indie artist AV Super Sunshine, including several cuts that have gone to #1 on the global DJ charts. And “I’m in development of a multi-media rock musical with Dave Stewart. It’s called “Zombie Broadway”. Think “Rocky Horror” meets Rammstein.”

Speaking of Dave Stewart, Mike also helped him celebrate his 65th birthday in early September with a show in the UK, and played bass on the RSO Rise EP released later that month.

So what’s on Mike’s Holiday Wishlist this year?

1. The one AMPEG product that I dream of getting is a B15 (Diamond Blue Bass). Everything about it says “Christmas”. The low end makes the walls shake as if Santa himself was break dancing on the roof! Ho ho ho indeed! And the impact of each note makes mom’s good silverware jingle like sleigh bells. And once you come in from a night of caroling, it’s so nice to warm your hands by the glow of those lovely 6L6 power tubes. Joy to the world!!!

2. A 24-track tape machine, preferably a Studer A827. Every busy little reindeer can appreciate the advanced electronics, including its ability to store various tape bias settings in memory. And Rudolph could take the night off, because the red recording light on the Studer can guide you through the stormiest night.

3. I’d like peace on earth. Ha! Just kidding. We wouldn’t know what to do with it if we had it. I’m not wasting this wish. I’d like a year of unlimited first-class travel vouchers for two, so I could go to every country I have ever been, but this time as a tourist, instead of a working musician. I’d love the chance to see the world, rather than just passing through it like I have for the last 30 years.

“Well Santa, that’s my list. I know it’s a tall order, but if anyone can fill it, you can. Take your time. I’ll just wait over here.”

– Love, Mike


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