Randy Bradbury: Holiday Wishlist

Ampeg Artist Randy Bradbury

Randy Bradbury

Longtime Pennywise bassist Randy Bradbury toured the world off-and-on from March through September 2017, including high-profile gigs like the Maximus Festival in São Paulo, Brazil, the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival in Las Vegas, Chicago’s annual Riot Fest and several others.

September saw the release of Pennywiser, “…an easy drinking Session IPA,” brewed by Left Coast Brewing Company. Then Pennywise headed Down Under from late October to early November, playing their classic fourth album – Full Circle – in its entirety to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The band is wrapping up 2017 with several shows throughout California and Nevada, including closing out the year with a New Year’s Eve show at the House Of Blues Las Vegas.

Randy mentioned that the band recorded a new album when they were off the road! It’s expected to be released in March 2018 followed by extensive touring in support of the release.

So what’s on Randy’s Wishlist this Holiday Season?

1. Back in the late ‘80s I used to have an original 1970s SVT head and cabinet. I used to refer to the cabinet as the refrigerator; it had no wheels, was just a really big rectangle box, and I kept an appliance dolly strapped to it at all times (even on stage). The grilles were light blue/silver. It looked old school and cool. That head and cabinet was the best sounding rig I ever had. if Santa could bring a setup like that for Christmas I’d be stoked!

2. I have an affinity for late ‘70s-era Fender Precision basses. They’re big, heavy and bulky and demand respect! Those basses feel good to me, like you can really get some work done. These are my favorite; they have character and history and a great sound, they look cool and they are just badass! I already have three of them but I suppose if I was making a list for Santa, another ‘78 P-Bass would be at the top of the list.

3. What I really want, all the time, is for my family and myself to be happy and healthy and to enjoy life. So, I’d just like some more of that…

Best of wishes in 2018, Randy!


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