Kid Tested, Schmier Approved!

As you may know, each and every Heritage SVT-CL, Heritage SVT-810E and Heritage SVT-410HLF. When an Ampeg artist is in town, we try to get them up to our Heritage build facility at Ampeg’s headquarters outside of Seattle, WA.

Well, wouldn’t you know it. Destruction was playing through town and their bassist, Schmier, is an Ampeg artist. He was cool enough to come up (along with the bassist for Heathen, Jason VieBrooks) and play test the latest batch of Heritage SVTs.

008.jpgAfter playing all four heads and cabs, Schmier signed each of the unit’s hang tags. So, if you end up getting a new Ampeg Heritage SVT stack this year, check you tag. It could very well be the very rig tested by Schmier.

We have many more artists planning to come through. We will be sure to update you with video and pics each time.




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