Bootsy Collins (Parliament, Funkadelic, James Brown)

"Why Ampeg? "Because of the quality of sound and if it ain't broke, don't break it!""

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Low Frequency Driver:  1 x 12"
Voice Coil:  2.5"
Magnet Weight:  56 oz
High Frequency Driver:  1" Horn/Driver
Magnet Weight:  8 oz
RMS Handling:  300-Watts
Program Handling:  600-Watts
Frequency Response (-3dB):  50Hz-18kHz
Usable Low Frequency (-10dB):  40Hz
Nominal Impedance:  8 Ohms
Sensitivity:  95dB
Maximum SPL:  125dB
Crossover Frequency:  5kHz
Dimensions (W x H x D inches):  21 x 16.5 x 16
Weight:  46 pounds

A great-sounding amp is nothing without a great-sounding speaker. That’s why Ampeg builds such a wide variety of high-quality speaker boxes. The new SVT-12HE brings Ampeg tone and power to the stage in a small, portable footprint. But don’t let the small size fool you; the SVT-12HE’s custom 12” driver can handle 300-Watts RMS. And the front-ported baffle pumps out ample low-end, making it the perfect choice anywhere space comes at a premium.

For high-end definition, the Ampeg SVT-12HE features a 1” compression horn driver crossed over at 5kHz. The variable “L-pad” attenuator allows you to dial in just the right amount of high-end to suit your personal style.

The Ampeg SVT-12HE is supremely portable, coming in at a scant 46 pounds. And it’s small; you could easily put three SVT-12HEs in the back seat of a subcompact. The rugged enclosure is constructed of Baltic Birch plywood, a favorite of cabinet builders the world over for its structural integrity and superior tonality. Big where it counts, sound quality and value—the Ampeg SVT-12HE.

  • Custom 12" Low Frequency Driver
  • 1" Horn Driver
  • Variable "L-Pad" for High Frequency Attenuation
  • 300-Watts RMS Power Handling

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