Heritage Series

The American-built Ampeg® Heritage Series reintroduces legendary gear from throughout our rich history. Unwavering dedication to craft and meticulous quality control ensure that Heritage Series cabinets are far more than mere “reissues,” exemplifying our commitment to performance and, of course, tone.

  • Designed and assembled in the U.S.
  • Custom-etched commemorative badging (50th Anniversary)
  • 3 Cabinets from 4x10 to 8x10
  • Custom U.S.-made Eminence® drivers

Classic Series

Classic Series cabinets all share the same essential DNA: the legendary Ampeg SVT®. Whether it’s the pitch-perfect replicas of the earliest SVT designs found in our Anniversary Series or the more contemporary black-with-white piping look from our equally renowned 1980s models, there’s a pro-level cabinet for you in this most traditional family of Ampeg gear.

  • Tour-grade cabinet construction
  • 9 Cabinets from 2x10 to 1x15
  • Custom Eminence® drivers

Portaflex Series

Portaflex cabinets evoke the heritage of the iconic flip-top amplifiers, combining vintage styling cues with modern weight-saving production techniques to deliver a full range of no-compromise cabinets with classic sound and modern portability.

  • Modern sound, legacy looks
  • Flip-top designs for stow-and-go capability (PF-210HE & PF-115HE only)
  • 5 Cabinets from 2x10 to 1x15
  • Custom Eminence drivers

Pro Series

The ultimate do-it-all gear for the serious working professional or the passionate enthusiast. Rugged build quality and innovative engineering define the line.

  • 3 cabinets from a 2x10 floor wedge to 4x10 and 1x15
  • Custom U.S.-made Eminence neodymium drivers and tweeters

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