Venture Series

Venture® Series V12, V7, and V3 bass heads deliver the modern style and features sought by contemporary bassists. Their easy-to-use and intuitive controls include an extensive array of tone-shaping tools such as 3-band EQ with sweepable mids, Ultra Hi and 3-way Ultra Lo switches, and a Super Grit TechnologyTM (SGTTM) Overdrive circuit with SVT® and B15 voicings. All circuitry is analog except for the solid-state Class D amplifiers.

  • 3 Lightweight but powerful heads (1200, 700, and 300 watts)
  • 3-Band EQ with sweepable mids + Ultra Hi/3-way Ultra Lo switches
  • Super Grit Technology Overdrive with SVT and B15 voicings
  • Effects loop, XLR DI out, Aux input, Phones output (V3)
  • Effects loop with mix control, XLR DI out, Aux input, Phones output (V7 and V12)
  • Preamp Out/Power Amp In (V7 and V12)

Heritage Series

The American-built Ampeg® Heritage Series reintroduces legendary gear from throughout our rich history. Unwavering dedication to craft, meticulous quality control, and the use of premium components throughout ensure that Heritage Series amplifiers are far more than mere “reissues,” exemplifying our commitment to performance and, of course, tone.

  • Two Amplifiers touting 300 watts of all-tube power
  • Designed and assembled in the U.S.
  • Custom-etched commemorative badging (50th Anniversary)

Classic Series

Classic Series Amps all share the same essential DNA: the legendary Ampeg SVT®. Since its debut in the late ’60s, no amp has made a bigger impact on the bass world. That’s why you’ll still find an SVT rig—or one of its Classic Series cousins—dominating the biggest stages. Whether it’s the pitch-perfect replicas of the earliest SVT designs found in our Anniversary Series or the more contemporary black-with-white piping look from our equally renowned 1980s models, there’s a pro-level rig for you in this most traditional family of Ampeg gear.

  • 2 Amplifier from 100 to 300 watts
  • All-tube preamp and power amp designs
  • Tour-grade chassis and cabinet construction

Micro Series

Ampeg Micro Series Amps deliver the same commitment to beautifully burnished, round sound as the SVT—just in a much smaller package. They make an ideal recording or small-to-medium-gig solution for bass players that favor rich fundamental and track-ready tone.

  • Micro-VR 200-watt head & SVT-210AV enclosure
  • Micro-CL 100-watt head & MC-210E enclosure sold as a stack
  • Solid-state preamps
  • MOSFET power amp (Micro-VR)
  • Solid-state power amp (Micro-CL)
  • Beautiful vintage-inspired looks

Portaflex Series

Portaflex® all-tube amplifiers are the direct descendants of the legendary B-15 “flip-top” amp heard on countless hit records spanning multiple decades. Combining retro looks with contemporary features and increased durability, they are perfect for bassists seeking classic B-15-style tones.

  • 2 All-tube amplifiers: 50-watt and 20-watt
  • Vintage B-15-style tones and looks
  • Designed to pair with Portaflex cabs

Pro Series

The ultimate do-it-all gear for the serious working professional or the passionate enthusiast. Top-shelf, rugged build quality and innovative engineering defines the line, as does extensive tone shaping, hybrid tube preamps, and comprehensive connectivity.

  • 3 Amplifiers from 450 to 1200 watts
  • Ampeg Legacy tube preamps
  • Onboard dynamics processing

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