Powerful Combo Amps From the Biggest Name In Bass

From the 30-watt RB-108 practice amp to the stage-ready 500-watt RB-210, Ampeg® Rocket Bass® combos deliver exceptional performance, eye-catching ’60s-style looks, and robust feature sets in lightweight and portable packages, making them ideal for everyone from beginners to professionals. The new Super Grit Technology overdrive circuit combines with classic 3-band EQ and Ultra Hi/Ultra Lo switches (RB-112 and up) to produce legendary Ampeg tone, while XLR line outputs (except RB-108), auxiliary inputs, and headphone outputs ensure that Rocket Bass combos are ready to rock anywhere—from the practice room to the stage.

  • 5 Models from 30 to 500 watts
  • Vintage styling with modern features
  • Powerful yet lightweight
  • Ampeg Legacy preamp
  • Super Grit Technology (SGT) overdrive
  • Versatile enough for practice and performance
  • Auxiliary inputs and headphone outputs
  • XLR outputs (except RB-108)


Press Play to hear some of the sounds you’ll be able to get from the Rocket Bass family

  • RB-108 EQ Flat
  • RB-108 SGT Edge
  • RB-110 Clean Rock
  • RB-110 EQ Flat
  • RB-110 SGT Scooped
  • RB-112 EQ Flat
  • RB-112 Mellow
  • RB-112 Mini Monster
  • RB-112 Upright Flat
  • RB-115 EQ Flat
  • RB-115 Scooped Slap
  • RB-115 SGT Off and On
  • RB-210 Bright 5 String Slap with Horn
  • RB-210 EQ Flat with Horn

Click play to hear samples.



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