Tobin Esperance

Papa Roach

Papa Roach mixed alt-metal with grunge, industrial and rap and became the surprise hit of 2000 on the back of their major label debut, Infest and that summer's rock single du jour, "Last Resort." Selling triple platinum, the band was featured on the Ozzfest main stage in 2001. Lovehatetragedy and Getting Away With Murdercontinued the band's platinum streak, scoring an enormous hit with "Scars," which showed a more radio-friendly side of the hard-edged band. With PR since the beginning as a roadie, Tobin Esperance replaced bassist Will James in 1996 and brought with him a cache of effects pedals worthy of Steve Vai. Utilizing everything from a bass wah to a whammy and digital delay, Esperance chisels the band's music from the inside without chipping away at the band's core sound. A prolific songwriter, Esperance wrote thirty songs for the band's The Paramour Sessions album.


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