Artist Relations Endorser / Partner Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in endorsing Ampeg products. We are always happy to consider new artists. The competition is stiff and our roster is extremely competitive, so for serious consideration you will need a healthy mix of the following requirements:

  • Heavy focus on social media where products get regular mention and brand logos are heavily featured, such as Facebook and others
  • A yearly tour schedule that consists of a minimum of 150-200 shows
  • National TV appearances: i.e. Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Daily Show, Colbert Report, etc.
  • Other high profile brand or product endorsements

We only consider artists who can bring significant exposure to our brand. For lesser-known artists, the best way to proove your ability to do this is to get heavily involved in social media and start spreading the word long before contacting us.

IMPORTANT: EPKs are the preferred way to receive submissions. If you must send a physical kit make it small and concise. We prefer a short cover letter, a one sheet,, links to social media and music. Please be aware that a link to your website isn't the same thing as a press kit and won't be investigated. We appologize for the inconvienence.

ALSO IMPORTANT: We review every endorsement request sent, but due to sheer volume are unable to respond to each one. We will definitely be in touch if we think you'd make a fantastic partner in music, so please don't send multiple requests. Thank you for your understanding!

Send your Electronic Press Kit by email to:

We prefer electronic kits,
but if you must, send your cover letter, one sheet and music sample to:
Ampeg Artist Relations
26580 Agoura Road
Calabasas CA 91302

Ampeg endorsers are artists who love Ampeg gear and would play our amps even if they didn't have a direct relationship with Ampeg. This is not an accident; we are looking for dedicated Ampeg users who simply refuse to play anything else. We take care of 'our own', but Ampeg artists don't get paid, they don't get guarantees... they don't even get free gear. So when you see an SVT rig on stage, you know that guy plays Ampeg because it's the best! Not because someone gave it to him or paid him to play it. You know that artist is in it for the tone. Pure and simple.