Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the nearest Authorized Service Center?
You can find our Service Center list here:

When was my product made?
Here's a document to help you date your product:

What should I use as an extension cabinet with my RB-115/ RB-210?
Any of our 8-ohm cabinets will work. There are options available from the Classic, Pro Neo, and Portaflex series of amps. Many customers will go with the Portaflex series due to the similar aesthetics. You can check out these cabinets here:

What is SVT Suite?
SVT Suite is a 64-bit bass amplifier plugin that marks Ampeg’s first foray into the plugin world. No third parties, no proprietary hardware, just straight up bass tone directly from the most trusted name in bass amplification.

Please visit our SVT Suite FAQ for more information:

What is SGT-DI?
SGT-DI™ is The All-In-One Bass Box. It’s our new preamp and DI that features an onboard compressor, an enhanced Super Grit Technology™ overdrive circuit with SVT® and B15 voices, a 3-band EQ with a sweepable Mid control, and an IR Loader/Cab Simulator.

Please visit our SGT-DI FAQ for more information:

What is the Venture Series?
The Venture® Series is a new product family from Ampeg. The ultra-portable, Class D-powered Venture amplifier heads are small and light, yet they pack a punch, making them ideal for the travelling bassist. Venture cabs are some of the lightest bass enclosures currently available and are loaded with lightweight custom Lavoce® neodymium woofers and high-frequency drivers.

Please visit our Venture FAQ page for more information: Venture Series Heads, Venture Series Cabs.

At what impedances do Ampeg bass heads operate?
Here is a list of our most current bass head’s impedances:

  • SVT-CL/VR - 2 & 4 ohms
  • Heritage SVT-CL/SVT 50th Anniversary - 2 & 4 ohms
  • SVT-7PRO - 4 & 8 ohms
  • SVT-4PRO - 2, 4, & 8 ohms (stereo), 4 & 8 ohms (mono-bridged)
  • SVT-3PRO - 4 & 8 ohms
  • V-4B - 2, 4, & 8 ohms
  • PF-20T/PF-50T - 4 & 8 ohms
  • PF-350/500/800 - 4 & 8 ohms
  • Micro VR - 4 & 8 ohms
  • Micro CL - 8 ohms

Which cabinets are four ohms and which are eight ohm?
The following cabinets are four-ohm enclosures:

  • SVT-810E/AV (2 x 8 Ohms/4 Ohms)
  • Heritage SVT-810E/AV (2 x 8 Ohms/4 Ohms)
  • SVT-610HLF
  • SVT-410HLF
  • Heritage SVT-410HLF
  • SVT-212AV

The following cabinets are eight-ohm enclosures:

  • SVT-810E/AV (2 x 8 Ohms/4 Ohms)
  • SVT-410HE
  • SVT-15E
  • SVT-210AV
  • SVT-112AV
  • All Pro Neo cabinets
  • All Portaflex cabinets

What is the impedance when I combine two eight-ohm cabinets?
4 ohms.

What is the impedance when I combine two four-ohm cabinets?
2 ohms.

Can I combine cabinets of different impedances?
It can be done, but this is not recommended.

What is the impedance of an eight-ohm cabinet combined with a four-ohm cabinet?
2.67 ohms. This is not recommended

What kind of speaker cable is required to mono-bridge my SVT-4 PRO?
The preferred cable is 12-gauge with Speakon-to-Speakon connectors. Be sure to wire the Speakon on the "amp" end for +1 (positive) and +2 (negative) for amps manufactured prior to October 2012. On the "cabinet" end wire the Speakon for +1 (positive) and -1 (negative). It is a good idea to label each end so there is no confusion at the gig. For amps manufactured after October 2012, a standard, off-the-shelf +1/-1 Speakon cable should be used. The correct Mono-Bridge cable wiring for your amp is printed on the rear of the chassis.

When should the tubes in my amp be replaced?
Tube replacement may become necessary after one to three years, depending on environment, usage and care. Generally speaking, a tube does not need to be replaced unless it becomes noisy or microphonic.

Can I use an instrument cable (shielded) to connect my amp to my speakers?
No. Using instrument cable to hook up your speakers can cause intermittent power loss, cause your amp to oscillate and damage the amp and/or your speakers. We recommend using 18-gauge or heavier (16, 14, or 12) cables.

Can I run my amp without any speaker cabinets connected to it?
Any Ampeg amplifier with a solid-state output (SVT Pro series, Micro VR/CL, Portaflex series) can be used without speakers attached to the speaker jacks. The amp must have a speaker load if the amp has a tube output section (SVT-CL/VR Heritage SVTs, and V-4B), as not doing so can result in extensive damage to the amplifier. The exceptions are the PF-20T and PF-50T, which have built-in loads.

How can I obtain a manual for my amplifier?
You can download it from our website here:
Manuals for Legacy products are found at

How many cabinets can I use with the SVT-3PRO?
The SVT-3PRO will handle a minimum impedance of 4 ohms. This allows the bassist to use (2) eight-ohm enclosures or (1) four-ohm enclosure for maximum output (450 watts).

Which Ampeg amplifiers can be bi-amped?
The SVT-4PRO has a built-in crossover and dual power amps. This allows the user to operate the amp in bi-amp or mono bridge mode.

Who do I contact about becoming an Ampeg-endorsed artist?
Please visit our Artist Relations contact page here:

How should I care for my Ampeg product's Tolex?
Ampeg products are covered with a durable, fabric-backed vinyl material. Clean with a dry, lint-free cloth. Never spray cleaning agents onto your Ampeg product. Avoid abrasive cleansers which would damage the finish. Keep out of continued direct sunlight to avoid vinyl seam curling or discoloration.