The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a non-profit, mobile recording studio outfitted with traditional musical instruments as well as current technological advances.

Since 1998, the Bus has provided free hands-on programs to hundreds of high schools, colleges, Boys and Girls Clubs, music festivals, concerts, conventions and community organizations. Working together with some of the biggest names in music–including Ampeg–the Lennon Bus encourages students to play music, write songs, engineer recording sessions and produce music video projects using the latest audio, video, and live sound equipment.

Ampeg has provided a slew of bass amplifiers for the bus, in our quest to help young musicians learn more about making, performing and recording music. If you'd like to take a tour of the bus, go to and check out the schedule of where the bus will stop next. There's also a virtual tour of the bus you can take, though it's not so much a magical mystery tour as it is a musical history tour. However you look at it, it's a great endeavor.