An Inside Look at the Classic Tones of the Ampeg Heritage B-15

“This is an instrument. It’s an amplifier…but I really consider this an instrument, as it’s a complete expression of what you are trying to do as a bass guitarist or producer.” - Garth Fielding

Ampeg endorser, Garth Fielding, recently sent us one hell of a video. He recently bought one of our limited-edition, US-made Heritage B-15s and loved it so much, he wanted to show the world why it was so amazing.

Garth walks you through the tonal palette of the Heritage B-15, with great examples of classic tones from the ‘60s and ‘70s. He shows you how to pull those tones out of the amp and really is able to re-create the classic vibe that has made the B-15 the most recorded amp in history.

So, check it out. If you have a B-15 of any era, I guarantee you will want to go and play around with it after watching. If you don’t own a B-15…well, then you don’t own a B-15. Oh wait, that’s from the new iPhone commercial. I hope they don’t sue us.

If you like Garth…and we do…check out his bass and producer work over at