Bass Gear Magazine - The Ampeg Issue

(IMAGE: 2009-10-08-Bass-Gear-Ampeg-Cover.jpg) Bass Gear magazine was launched in early 2008, but has since become the number one publication for bass. Specifically, the magazine focuses on gear and just gear. There are rarely interviews, and when they happen, they are firmly centered around gear. The success of Bass Gear comes from the depth of experience that the writers impart. Ampeg often makes the pages, but never in the comprehensive manner you will see in the new issue (due out late October), which is dedicated to everything Ampeg.

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect:

The Men Who Created the SVT - Roger Cox and Bill Hughes (interview)

Ampeg Today - Q&A with Loud Tech (feature article)

Full Bench-test Gear Reviews:
* Ampeg Micro-VR Head
* Ampeg SVT-210AV Cabinet
* Ampeg Vintage B-15

So there you have it. Learn about the great people that made Ampeg, get a glimpse of Ampeg's present and learn about the latest gear. If you love Ampeg, you really couldn't ask for anything more.