GUITARGUITAR launches UK’s first Ampeg Heritage Center at flagship Glasgow store

We love sharing cool Ampeg news from around the world. This awesome story comes from our UK distributor, Polar Audio, telling us about the first UK Ampeg Heritage Center at GUITARGUITAR in Glasgow, Scotland. The new Heritage Center will give customers a hands-on opportunity to try an array of Ampeg amps right in the store.

Here's the story straight from Polar Audio....

GUITARGUITAR have launched the UK’s first Ampeg Heritage Center at their impressive Glasgow showroom, offering bass players in Scotland and the north the opportunity to sample the finest amplifiers that the iconic bass amplifier brand has to offer.

GUITARGUITAR are officially the UK's largest guitar retailer with stores in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London & Newcastle. With more guitars than anywhere else in the UK, GUITARGUITAR stock a huge range of guitars, amps, effects and hi-tech instruments providing the widest selection for their customers whether they are a youngster looking for their first instrument or a seasoned collector seeking a boutique guitar masterpiece.

Glasgow is a vibrant city with a rich history and cultural heritage of its own, making it the perfect location to showcase Ampeg’s Heritage range which is comprised of meticulously crafted reissues of legendary bass amplifiers such as the B-15 and SVT Classic, all designed and hand-built in the USA.

From the classic sounds of Motown delivered by bass idol James Jameson through his original B-15 to modern-day rock royalty such as Roger Waters and Tony Levin, Ampeg heritage amplifiers deliver the very best in warm, all-tube bass tone for the discerning player.

Steve Gray of GUITARGUITAR commented:
“We are delighted to lead the way and be the first Ampeg Heritage Centre in the UK. The SVT-CL Head and 810E Cab provide the perfect foundation for Rock and Roll. We are proud to be stocking them.”