Guitarist Gives the New “See-Through” Four Stars

Guitarist magazine recently spent some time assessing the Ampeg Dan Armstrong Plexi Guitar, and the verdict is in. Drumroll, please.... After a thorough vetting from fingerboard to pick-ups, the re-issued "see-through" earned a four-star rating, garnering heaps of praise for its unique voice and retro-modern good looks.

“Dan Armstrong's vision is a perfect example of the highly experimental time of the late-sixties and seventies.... There's definitely something quite inspiring about the instrument.">

The reviewer notes that this guitar, like the original, is still one-of-a-kind: "For those of us that 'get it,' the 'see-through' remains a truly unique and highly recognisable instrument.”

So, do you get it? We thought so.

As a bonus, the review includes an interview with Dan Armstrong's pick-up maker son, Kent. His opinion on the new Plexi?

“I think the latest version is far superior to the old ones. Far superior."

'Nuff said. Click here to read the piece in its entirety.