Hear Sound Clips from the Ampeg PF-50T and PF-20T All-Tube Bass Heads

Sometimes there's just no substitute for hearing an amp before you even consider buying. While we certainly think you should visit a dealer to try out the new PF-50T and PF-20T, we've recording some great sound clips of each to give you a sense of what they sound like.

Check out all 8 available sound clips

We've broken the videos out into tones that highlight specific styles or flavors - Fingerstyle, Slap Style, Motown and Overdriven w/Pick.

Both of these amazing all-tube bass heads feature three different ways to output your sound. Of course, you can go out to a cabinet. So... we connected a PF-112HLF and recorded that sound.

You also have the choice of a preamp out. We recorded that also (post-EQ).

And, lastly, you have something really special- a transformer balanced line out. This sends basically the same signal your cabinet gets. It's great for ensuring that front of house gets every drop of your signature tone. So, we recorded that.