Heritage B-15 and a Rick - Tone Video from Garth Fielding

Ampeg artist Garth Fielding produces some really great demo videos. A great place to start is his tone sample video for the Ampeg Heritage B-15. Now that you've seen (and heard) that bit of beauty, you've got to check out his recent video.

Garth wanted to show off some of the amazing tones you can pull out of the Heritage B-15 with a Rickenbacker. Ok, ok, it's not exactly a Rick. But it's equally awesome and certainly able to get the right tones. He talks some about the guitar in the vid.

Grab your picks, folks.

For more from Garth, visit his webpage or connect with him on Facebook.

For more on details on the limited edition Heritage B-15, click here. BUT, those are all sold out. Be sure to check out the also (equally limited edition) Heritage B-15N.