Inter-Scrambler Overdrive

Our pals over at Guitar World have cottoned on to a vintage piece of Ampeg gear, the Scrambler Overdrive pedal. In their December 2006 issue story "Weird Science," they've got an entry for it, under the subheading "The 10 Strangest Vintage Effects of All Time." Well, we wouldn't call it strange. The Scrambler--currently available as the SCP-OD--is a great way to add fuzz/overdrive/distortion to your guitar tone without taking away your axe's characteristic tone. GW's Chris Gill says the original is "rarer than Paris Hilton's brain cells," and though we're not exactly paying attention to how many brains the lady has, we do know that you can get yourself a modern reissue of this baby today at your local Ampeg dealer. If you want to "generate a mutated rainbow of fuzz tones" then go try one out today.