Nicki Tedesco

Nicki Tedesco is a Bass Player/Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles. She has toured and sang with BT, played with drummer Tim Alexander (Primus) and many others. She is well known for her YouTube Channel ( where she performs original music and teaches her dedicated subscribers epic bass lines. She is also a member and contributor to The Bass Channel (

She writes, produces and releases all of the music for her albums under "Nicki Tedesco" and “Frantic Ginger” where she is the front woman and musical director. Her latest album "Heaven Is A Ghost Town" floored listeners and can be streamed here:

Her goal in life is to inspire bass players and songwriters to put out their music and create a well as getting a killer bass tone in the process. TONE and music creation is her passion and that’s why she is part of the Ampeg family.

“I have used Ampeg for years and nothing else comes close to giving me that sound I crave. No matter the style of music, the massive yet clear tone Ampeg provides has no comparison. I literally plug in the bass, and it’s already there, no fuss, just fierce bass tone. SIMPLE. POWERFUL. FIERCE. TONE. For bass, there is no substitute."


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