Rex Brown

Rex Brown/ Pantera/ Solo

Facing the late '80s grunge revolution head on, Texan metal group Pantera defiantly held ground and almost single-handedly kept heavy metal's flame from dying out. With ruthless guitar power and geography-altering volume, Pantera took grunge's heaviness, chewed it up and spit it back out in a middle finger cacophony of riffs, attitude and pure thrash. With the release of the groundbreaking platinum selling Cowboys From Hell in 1990 — and the band's four multi-platinum releases that followed — Pantera is regarded as one of the most important and influential heavy metal groups of all time, with All Music Guide calling them the "greatest metal band of the '90s." Bassist Rex Brown incorporated traditional metal, thrash and punk to carve his sound into Pantera's guitar-whipped offensive. His minimalist approach placed emphasis on rhythm over riffs, which formed the basis of groove metal and gave Pantera its renowned substance.


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